Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

What's not to like about ice-skating? It's great for strengthening your core, tightening your butt and well, when it's 18 degrees outside, keeping you tone under those thermals and cashmere. Besides, just try NOT passing a rink in the City this season. Apparently, there are 10 open right now.

And the best way to kickstart your inner Blades of Glory  is definitely at Chelsea Piers. They're offering this really cheap package of group lessons for adults called  Monday Adult Skate Night. It's for all levels.  They divide everyone into groups based on their experience from beginners to budding hockey players and teach a half-hour of drills that you practice on your own afterward for 30 minutes. (Single girls listen up. Seriously. The hockey guys eye-candy are everywhere. And just when you get used to them stripping down to their underwear in the SkyRink food court afterwards to take off all their protective gear, it'll be Spring. )

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