Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Heart Running

I'm very excited for next weekend. It's a 3-dayer that falls over Valentine's Day so my husband (he has an awfully sweet, romantic nature--it's very touching really if you ever met him) has surprised me with a mini-rendezvous. I'm not flying these days so I wanted to go somewhere within driving distance. So we've settled on the North Fork. While it will be a bit warmer than going North (and not to mention, cozy, quiet and serene--ideal Valentine's Day vibes), I still have to pack running gear for wind and low temps. So here's my game plan:

1. No overdressing - Light on my luggage and guaranteed to make a 7-er pleasing, I vow to dress so I'm still chilly on the first mile. This way, I'll be just warm enough when  I begin to sweat (which is usually around mile 2.5).

2. Make it 3 - It's the magic number in 30 or below temps. Apparently perspiration dries up faster when it can transport through lighter fabrics rather than getting bogged down in one thick layer. Plus, you can always take off an outer piece of clothing if #1 ends up happening.

3. Wick it good - I'm a sucker for wickaway/fast-drying fabrics. Sure these products are synthetic and not natural (except for Smart Wool), but they definitely keep me chafe- and blister-free and don't stay wet to freeze me.

4. Tight is right - Yes, it's true. My legs and booty for some reason are getting a little leaner apparently. While I'd love this in spring, this means that extra cold air circulates between the fabric and skin when the pants are too loose. It seems those tight running pants have a role afterall.

5. Head on - In extreme(ish) weather, keeping my neck and head warm is more important than my thighs or chest. I find as long as my fingers and neck are shielded from the winds, I'm happy.

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