Sunday, March 1, 2009

Doctor's Orders

Starting tomorrow, I can't drink wine or martinis for awhile. I begin taking some meds that require the abstinence of alcohol. The upside is the amount of calories I'll save. The downside is I'll be a little bored. 

Therefore, a trip down Memory Lane seems fitting. This video showed up in my Facebook Inbox this week. I attended this little movie's screening about a year ago. And a year prior to that, in July 2007, I spent a summer weekend at this funny, sweaty, dirty (not that kind of dirty. But sleeping in a pump tent, having just 2 Port-o-Johns and 1 outdoor shower for about a hundred people was a bit too intense for me. Who knew I was high-maintenance?) happening in the Hamptons. Anyway, around minute 6:30 and thereafter, you can see some fun footage. 

To the days of neverending parties (bug spray, optional), click play. The weekend was a salute to Leafy Living. We cooked on open pits, used foods and herbs from the Ryans' vegetable garden and in general tried to leave as little impact on the untouched land that is their property as possible.

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