Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nobel Cause?

I'm on the fence about the current format of Tuesday's Science section of the New York Times. It's due to a nostalgic bias: My very first memory of loving newspapers and news reporting took place when I was in fifth grade at a small, private primary school on the Upper West Side. My teacher, Mrs. Hofstedter, required that we follow a section of the New York Times for an entire month. Then we'd "analyze" the day's stories in class. I chose the Science Times back then. I have been tracking medical and science stories ever since. But instead of going into science, I grew to love reporting from this exercise.

Only these days, this section can often be confused with the paper's Wednesday's Dining section. That's because under a meta-category callled "Nutrition," the paper has decided to focus on a particular wholesome ingredient, like lentils or eggplant, and delve into which phytochemicals or vitamins one is rich in and to offer up some recipes.

I don't think the Science section should carry this kind of coverage.

Still, I saw a recent package on winter squash soups that I am excited to try. Butternut and acorn squashes, two examples, are rich in beta-carotene (cancer-fighting) and folate (good for women of child-bearing age). 

I plan to make their Pureed White Bean and Winter Squash Soup at my next dinner party.

The only one tentatively planned is with an old friend of my husband's and her husband. Indeed they are the most prestigious. I've never hosted a dinner for Nobel Prize winner. They sent us a wonderful wedding gift along with a truly thoughtful note on the state of marriage. She has a fantastic way with words. Is this an appropriate dinner choice. Or should we just go out....

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